Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle

The Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group provides a forum for individuals and organizations to build and promote open source software, specifications, and open collaboration models needed to create a scalable, modular, extensible, industry-ready open source licensed vehicle software platform to support in-vehicle and around the vehicle applications development and deployment.

Eclipse Leda Incubator

Eclipse Leda Incubator provides a place for experimental components from the software-defined vehicle ecosystem.

Eclipse SDV Developer Console

Eclipse SDV Developer Console (DCO) integrates necessary sources for software lifecycle management and there by optimizes the complete process from development to release of software. The core of DCO

Eclipse p3com

Eclipse p3com enables arbitrary communication interfaces through a convenient and modern high level API while exploiting full HW capabilities. Eclipse "p3com" stands for: Pluggable Portable Publish

Eclipse SommR

Eclipse SommR provides an automotive grade implementation of the SomeIP specification for embedded Linux systems together with the required tools to support developers. Eclipse SommR fosters

Eclipse ArchE

Eclipse ArchE (Architecture Enabler) provides a tool for Architecture Modeling following an holistic Model-Based-Systems-Engineering (MBSE) approach instead of having a heterogeneous environment of

Eclipse Ambient Light Services

The Eclipse Ambient Light Services showcase vizualizes possible new lighting concepts which are adaptive to different specific driving scenarios, like e.g. coming and leaving but also further options

Eclipse ADAAA (Adaptive Cruise Control Demo Application for Adaptive AUTOSAR)

ADAAA is example application for Adaptive AUTOSAR with the following goals: * Provide a tutorial with simple examples code base for getting involved with AUTOSAR methodology and each functional