Eclipse Mosquitto™ 1.4

Release Date
  • Broker support for websockets
  • Improved bridge control through local/remote clientid and usernames
  • Increased support for MQTT v3.1.1 - broker and clients
  • Bug fixing

The library releases are binary and source compatible with the previous releases.

The broker introduces changes to bridge authentication behaviour, through the introduction of the local_clientid and local_username options. This improves the usability of bridges, but may produce unexpected results for users already using bridge authentication.


Neither the broker nor the client utilities provide any internationalisation support at the moment.

Target Environments

This release targets Windows, Mac, Linux and other POSIX operating systems.


Websockets support

Adding native websockets support to the broker allows greater opportunity for interoperability with web based systems.

Bug fixing

An extended feature freeze has resulted in a large number of bugs being fixed in this development cycle.