Eclipse OM2M


The Eclipse OM2M project is an open source implementation of the oneM2M standard. It provides a framework for developing services independently of the underlying network and aims to facilitate deployment of vertical applications and heterogeneous devices. The scope of this project can be summarized as follows:

  • Implement a Service Capability Layer (SCL) for an M2M network, M2M gateway and M2M device according to the ETSI M2M architecture.
  • API for applications is based on REST principles to enhance interoperability and allow exposing data and providing services through unreliable connections within a highly distributed environment.
  • Support generic communication technologies for ensuring multiple protocol binding such as HTTP and CoAP.
  • Re-use of the OMA-DM protocol as a remote entity management service to perform software updates and life-cycle managements on OMA-DM enabled devices based on SyncML files.
  • Ensure security based on the TLS-PSK protocol to enable secure communication based on pre-shared keys.
  • Provides various interworking proxies to enable seamless communication with non-ETSI compliant devices such as ZIGBEE and PHIDGETS technologies.
  • Manage M2M SCLs mutual authentications and M2M applications registrations
  • Provide advanced user profile, access right and permission management.
  • Enable synchronous communications based on the request/response design pattern.
  • Enable asynchronous event notifications based on the publish/subscribe design pattern.
  • Provide advanced mechanism for distributed M2M resource discovery.
  • Be the basis for the future implementation of the OneM2M standard.
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Name Date
1.4.1 2021-02-15
1.4.0 2020-08-05
1.1.0 2017-10-04
1.0.0 2016-06-22
0.8.0 2015-04-08