Eclipse SmartHome 0.8.0



This release brings major improvements on many different aspects: While version 0.7.0 introduced some initial new APIs for bindings, these are now further evolved by having them being used in practice by many users with their feedback being incorporated.

A major further new API is the new rule engine. This is still considered to be in an early stage and rather experimental, so users should expect these APIs to change in upcoming releases.

The REST API now gives access to all aspects of the system, comes with automatic Swagger documentation and it is used by the new Paper UI (an angular js app) as a reference user interface.


API Certification

The project leadership certifies that the APIs in this release are "Eclipse Quality".

Architectural Issues

New concepts that were introduced in 0.7.0 have been stabilised in 0.8.0, since many community members started using them and provided feedback, which has been incorporated. Therefore we do not expect many changes to the existing APIs in future.

Non-Code Aspects

During the preparations of this release, a new project website has been launched, which now also contains the user/developer documentation.

A framework has been setup to directly generate the HTML pages from markdown and we are able to keep versions of the documentation for every release for future reference.

The IDE setup has been switched to an Oomph profile, which makes it much easier for developers to get started.

Usability Details

As the project is a framework, there is no direct impact on the user - it all depends on how solutions make use of the framework in detail.

Overall, the readiness can be seen from the fact that more than two solutions already use the software productively.


The only standards relevant component is the OSGi EnOcean Base Driver implementation.

This is the official reference implementation of OSGi RfC199 and thus fully compliant with this specification.


The project has reached 69 different contributors and the activity on the forum and Github issues is constantly increasing over time.

A lot of activity is coming from the openHAB community as more and more people start implementing extensions and thus using Eclipse SmartHome.

There is always a high interest in the project at conferences, where it is presented and website traffic is increasing as well.