Eclipse Stardust


The Eclipse Stardust project provides a comprehensive Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) which covers all phases of the Business Process Lifecycle including modeling, simulation, execution and monitoring.

The contribution scope is:

  • The business process modeling environment including human workflow, system integration, organizational and data modeling entirely based on Eclipse, facilitated by the Process Workbench
  • The Runtime Environment including the Process Engine and the browser-based End User Process Portal entirely based on Web standards (J2EE, JSF) as well as planned adoption for OSGi services
  • The rapid application development environment embedded in Eclipse
  • The simulation feature
  • The interfaces to external systems (e.g. via Web Services or messaging), Document Repositories, Scanning Engines and Business Rules Management Systems
  • The Reporting Engine

Not in scope are:

  • Document Repositories, Scanning Engines and Business Rules Management Systems
  • Application Servers and Database Management Systems being Runtime Environments for the Process Engine and the Process Portal and especially not
  • Any business process models for an arbitrary industry

These contributions are either complementary components to a BPMS or value add by industry providers in their respective application domains.

Name Date
4.1.0 (Neon.2) 2016-12-21
4.0.1 (Neon.1) 2016-09-28
4.0.0 (Neon) 2016-06-23
3.1.1 (Mars.2) 2016-02-26
3.1.0 2016-01-20
3.0.1 (Mars.1) 2015-09-25
3.0.0 (Mars) 2015-06-24
2.1.1 (Luna SR2) 2015-02-27
2.1.0 2015-01-09
2.0.1 (Luna SR1) 2014-09-26
2.0.0 (Luna) 2014-06-25
1.1.2 2014-02-26
1.1.1 2014-01-22
1.1.0 2014-01-17
1.0.1 2013-09-27
1.0 2013-06-26