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The scope of this project is to create an open source, OSGi based, web enabled repository for software artifacts with special considerations for the necessities of OSGi bundles and its metadata. It is however not limited to the specific use case of OSGi bundles, but also provides extension points to allow for other artifacts and repository formats like DEB/APT and RPM/YUM.

It supports:

  • Storing and serving software artifacts (support for Maven Tycho deployments, manually uploaded OSGi bundles)
  • Extracting metadata and aggregating information of these (e.g. to provide automatically generated features)
  • Providing a local developer workflow (channels can be created for specific releases and made public when they are finished)
  • Allowing extensions to the system to also support other software artifact and repository formats (automatic provision of P2 or R5 repositories)
  • Provide a Web UI and build a foundation to support an OSGi enabled Web UI

The focus is not on recreating every feature which already exists in other repositories, but to focus on flexibility in providing different views on the same existing artifacts. Additional functionality like seraching bundles by exported packages would be a very good extension, but is not planned as part of the core project.

0.14.0 Release Review2016-09-07
0.13.0 Release Review2016-06-01
0.12.0 Release Review2016-02-03
Creation Review2015-06-24