Eclipse User Storage Service SDK 2.0.0

Release Date

This project delivers:

  • an easy-to-use API for accessing the Eclipse USS;
  • an SDK for interacting and testing access to the Eclipse USS.

This release drops support for the deprecated session-based authentication, deprecated in version 1.1.0.  This means of authentication was only used by Oomph and the Marketplace Client, which switched to the recommended OAuth approach for the Oxygen release train. At this point there are no other known users of session-based authentication.

Name Date Description
M2 2018/09/15
M3 2018/10/27
M4 2018/12/08
M5 2019/01/26
M6 2019/03/09 API Freeze
M7 2019/05/11 Feature Freeze

Removal of the deprecated session-based authentication

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