List of Projects

EMF Refactor

EMF Refactor is an Eclipse open source tool environment conveniently supporting a structured model quality assurance process. In particular, EMF Refactor supports metrics reporting, smell detection

Eclipse Ankaios

Eclipse Ankaios manages multiple nodes and virtual machines with a single unique API in order to start, stop, configure, and update containers and workloads. It provides a central place to manage

Eclipse Thingweb

Eclipse Thingweb™ offers components for making IoT solutions interoperable at scale by leveraging the W3C WoT standards, no matter if improving an existing solution or building a new one: Describe

Eclipse Lyo

The Eclipse Lyo™ project is focused on providing an SDK to enable adoption of OSLC specifications. OSLC (Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration) is an open community dedicated to reducing barriers

Eclipse EMF Compare

Eclipse EMF Compare brings model comparison to the EMF framework, this tool provides generic support for any kind of metamodel in order to compare and merge models. The objectives of this component

Eclipse MDT UML2

Eclipse UML2 is an EMF-based implementation of the UMLTM 2.x metamodel for the Eclipse platform.

Eclipse Gemini

The Eclipse Gemini project is all about modular implementations of Java EE. Eclipse Gemini is composed of subprojects, each of which implements a specific modularized technology. They may each be used

Eclipse SUMO™

Eclipse Simulation of Urban Mobility (Eclipse SUMO™) is a free and open traffic simulation toolsuite. SUMO allows modelling and analyzing intermodal traffic systems, including road vehicles, public

Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework (ESMF)

Model aspects of digital twins to create APIs & UIs based on semantic information. ESMF Project Documentation: (github org: eclipse-esmf). What the ESMF is about: A

Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework

The Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework (ACTF) is a subproject of the Eclipse Technology Project. The ACTF is a software framework which serves as an extensible infrastructure upon which developers

Eclipse Ecore Tools

The Eclipse Ecore Tools component provides a complete environment to create, edit and maintain Ecore models. This component eases handling of Ecore models with a Graphical Ecore Editor and bridges to other existing Ecore tools ( Validation, Search, Compare, Emfatic, generators...). The Graphical Ecore Editor implements multi-diagram support, a custom tabbed properties view, validation feedbacks, refactoring capabilities...

Eclipse IoT Packages

The goal of the Eclipse IoT Packages™ project is to provide a simple getting started experience for Eclipse IoT projects that are integrated with each other. Enabling interested users to get started

Eclipse Embedded CDT (C/C++ Development Tools)

The Eclipse Embedded CDT (C/C++ Development Tools, formerly GNU MCU/ARM Eclipse) plug-ins allow to create, build, debug and in general to manage Arm & RISC-V projects (executables and static/shared

Eclipse MOSAIC™

Eclipse MOSAIC™ provides a multi-domain/multi-scale co-simulation environment for virtual testing of connected and automated driving and mobility solutions. Eclipse MOSAIC™ comes with a runtime

Eclipse OpenXilEnv

Eclipse OpenXilEnv is a lightweight SIL/HIL environment that allows running embedded software functions on a PC without a target platform and compiler. Eclipse OpenXilEnv will provide a configurable

Eclipse JDT LS

The Eclipse JDT Language Server™ is a Java language specific implementation of the language server protocol. It implements the language server protocol and may implement extensions when it is deemed

Eclipse Leda

In the ambition to build a technology ecosystem for software-defined vehicle, one of the main challengs will be the combination of the diverse components into a coherent and useful whole: all the

Eclipse Packager

The Eclipse Packager™ project offers a set of core functionality to work with RPM and Debian package files in plain Java. This functionality is offered in simple JAR variant to create your own

Eclipse Hawk™

Eclipse Hawk™ is a heterogeneous model indexing framework: it indexes collections of models transparently and incrementally into a NoSQL database, which can be queried in a more efficient and

Eclipse Object Teams

Eclipse Object Teams adds new dimensions of modularity for extreme re-use while sustaining a crisp architecture that's a breeze to maintain during long-term software evolution. — This is done by extending object oriented programming with the concept of Roles which are grouped into Teams. — The Object Teams Development Tooling supports efficient development using OT/J by seamlessly and comprehensively extending JDT.