List of Projects

Eclipse SCM

The Stochastic Cognitive Model (SCM) is a driver behavior model for the use in multi-agent highway traffic simulations. SCM models cognitive processes of human drivers ranging from gaze behavior over

Eclipse Bundle Recipes

The EBR project provides a library of templates and tools that can be used to create OSGi bundles for open source projects.

Eclipse Digital Twin

Eclipse Digital Twin Top-Level Project is a collaborative, open source initiative at the Eclipse Foundation fostering the development of reference implementations for the activities driven by the

Eclipse ArchE

Eclipse ArchE (Architecture Enabler) provides a tool for Architecture Modeling following an holistic Model-Based-Systems-Engineering (MBSE) approach instead of having a heterogeneous environment of

Eclipse Ambient Light Services

The Eclipse Ambient Light Services showcase vizualizes possible new lighting concepts which are adaptive to different specific driving scenarios, like e.g. coming and leaving but also further options

Eclipse ADAAA (Adaptive Cruise Control Demo Application for Adaptive AUTOSAR)

ADAAA is example application for Adaptive AUTOSAR with the following goals: * Provide a tutorial with simple examples code base for getting involved with AUTOSAR methodology and each functional

Eclipse SWTChart™

Eclipse SWTChart™ allows to create different types of charts. The API is well designed and allows to create Line, Bar and Scatter charts easily. Size, colors, axes, ranges and all aspects of the

Eclipse Oniro Blueprints

Creating blueprints has many advantages for the Oniro Project. Some of them are outlined below. Provides a way to demonstrate Oniro features and technology using functional IoT device examples

Eclipse Temurin Compliance

The Eclipse Temurin Compliance project is responsible for obtaining, managing, and executing the Oracle Java SE Compatibility Kit (JCK) on Eclipse Temurin binaries. The work is done on private

Eclipse DataEggs

Eclipse DataEggs provides datasets related to the Eclipse forge and development of Eclipse projects. The datasets provided include: Mailing lists (full mboxes and csv extracts) hosted at the Eclipse

Mylyn Tasks

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Integration with Agile, issue, bug and defect tracking servers. The project provides rich task editing, task list management and offline synchronization for ALM servers. Central portion of the ALM

Mylyn Versions

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Eclipse integration for source code and configuration management tools and bi-directional linking to change management tools. This project and APIs it provides builds on the existing Eclipse Team APIs

R4E (Review for Eclipse)

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Mylyn Reviews provides Eclipse-based code review functionality that's seamlessly integrated with the Tasks and SCM systems supported by Mylyn.

Mylyn Reviews

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The scope of Mylyn Reviews is to provide Eclipse-based code review functionality that's seamlessly integrated with the Tasks and SCM systems supported by Mylyn. Mylyn Reviews is released as part of

Mylyn Incubator

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New development in areas that are relevant to the Mylyn sub-projects.

Model Focusing Tools

The Model Focusing Tools project brings Mylyn's task-focused interface to modeling tools: Diagram editors, such as for Ecore and UML models Model Navigators Model Outlines EMF generated editors It

Mylyn Context

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The Mylyn Context project provides usage monitoring, degree-of-interested modeling and the task-focused user extensions implementation for the Eclipse UI, which re-aligns the user experience around

Mylyn Commons

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The scope of this project is to provide a framework of common UI, web service, REST and test utilities to be used by the rest of Mylyn and by other Eclipse-based tools. Mylyn Commons is released as

Mylyn Builds

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Integration of continuous integration and build systems and seamless access to software build and assembly technologies. Mylyn users will be able to access continuous integration processes, control

Eclipse Mylyn Docs

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Eclipse Mylyn Docs provides Eclipse based tools for document editing and generation. This include: WikiText Mylyn WikiText provides an extensible framework and tools for parsing, editing and