List of Projects

Eclipse JWT

The Eclipse Java Workflow Tooling (JWT) project provides design time, development time and runtime workflow tools. Thanks to its extensible architecture, it also fosters interoperability between

Eclipse Unide

Eclipse Unide provides a lightweight Production Performance Management Protocol (PPMP) server-client implementations (using JSON, REST and other). The core of the protocol are two interface

Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™

Eclipse Mobile Tools for Java™ project creates tools and frameworks to extend the Eclipse platform to support embedded and mobile device Java application development. News September 15, 2015, Mobile

Eclipse Apogy

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This project provides a multi-mission operations and planning software framework. Apogy uses Eclipse Modeling Framework models to define the systems being controlled, the environment in which these systems are operated, the operations being carried out and the corresponding data produced during operations.

Eclipse Jemo - Cloud Application Runtime

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Eclipse Jemo aims to deliver a true multi-cloud FaaS implementation for JVM based languages. Jemo which is built to take advantage of Kubernetes provides the same event driven development pattern that

Eclipse Jubula Functional Testing Tool

Eclipse Jubula provides functional GUI testing support for Java and HTML applications. It further provides an anchor point for a broader testing scope including requirements analysis, code coverage of


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Tigerstripe is a framework for Model Driven Engineering (MDE) with special support for the Telecommunications Industry.

Eclipse Ogee

Eclipse Ogee provides Eclipse Platform-based developer tools for the provisioning and consumption of OData services regardless of the service provisioning platform and service consuming technology. It

Cloud Application Management Framework

The project aims to develop and sustain the necessary tooling that will assist Cloud application lifecycle management operations, using open standards and languages, where appropriate. As

Eclipse Real-Time Software Components

The Eclipse Real-Time Software Components (RTSC) project provides foundational tools and low-level runtime content to enable component-based development using the C language targeting all embedded


The Texo project provides annotation driven code generation for server-side web application environments. At runtime Texo supports XML/XMI persistence and runtime model access. JSON serialization and

Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform

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The Eclipse Agent Modeling Platform (AMP) provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools for Agent-Based Modeling (ABM) as well as more general agent applications. AMP includes: Agent Modeling

Eclipse UML Profiles Repository

The modeling facilities of Eclipse are an essential part of Eclipse's annual release trains. The Eclipse Modeling Framework and associated projects, like UML2, OCL, QVTo etc., are integrated into

Eclipse Nebula - Supplemental Widgets for SWT

Eclipse Nebula is a place where different Eclipse-Projects and Independent developers collaborate on building Custom SWT widgets and reuseable UI-Components useable in UI-Applications built using SWT

Eclipse Gemini

The Eclipse Gemini project is all about modular implementations of Java EE. Eclipse Gemini is composed of subprojects, each of which implements a specific modularized technology. They may each be used

Eclipse WTP Source Editing

The Eclipse Source Editing project provides source editing support for typical "web" languages and the mixing of them, with a focus on making the editors extensible and easily reusable. Here you will

Eclipse Data Tools Platform

The Eclipse Data Tools Platform™ provides extensible frameworks and exemplary tools, enabling a diverse set of plug-in offerings specific to particular data-centric technologies.

Eclipse SUMO™

Eclipse Simulation of Urban Mobility (Eclipse SUMO™) is a free and open traffic simulation toolsuite. SUMO allows modelling and analyzing intermodal traffic systems, including road vehicles, public

Eclipse Tocandira

Eclipse Tocandira is a collection of tools aiming to help industries to remove their barriers on observability. To achieve this goal it uses the cutting edge technologies in the field. You will find

Eclipse UOMo

Eclipse UOMo adds Units of Measurement support for IT Systems and Services both to common programming languages like Java and Data Exchange standards like UCUM and formats including UnitsML, SensorML