List of Projects

Eclipse Kura

Eclipse Kura™ offers a Java/OSGi-based container for M2M applications running in service gateways. Kura provides or, when available, aggregates open source implementations for the most common services needed by M2M applications. Kura components are designed as configurable OSGi Declarative Service exposing service API and raising events. While several Kura components are in pure Java, others are invoked through JNI and have a dependency on the Linux operating system.

Eclipse AASX Package Explorer and Server

Eclipse AASX Package Explorer and Server is a suite for viewing, creating, editing and hosting Industrie 4.0 Asset Administration Shell packages. Eclipse AASX Package Explorer is a tool with graphical

Eclipse Modeling Project

The Eclipse Modeling Project focuses on the evolution and promotion of model-based development technologies within the Eclipse community by providing a unified set of modeling frameworks, tooling, and

Eclipse QVT Operational

The Eclipse QVT Operational component is an implementation of the Operational Mappings Language defined by Meta Object Facility™ (MOF™) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation™ (QVT). In long term, it aims to

Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler Project

The mission of the Eclipse SOA Project is to build frameworks and extensible tools that enable the design, configuration, assembly, deployment, monitoring, and management of software designed around a

Eclipse OCL (Object Constraint Language)

Eclipse OCL provides libraries and tools for the Object Constraint Language (OCL) OMG standard using EMF-based models.

Eclipse QVTd (QVT Declarative)

The Eclipse QVT Declarative (QVTd) component is a partial implementation of the Core (QVTc) and Relations (QVTr) Languages defined by the OMG standard specification (MOF) 2.0 Query/View/Transformation

Eclipse MoDisco

Eclipse MoDisco provides an extensible framework to elaborate on model-driven solutions supporting software reverse engineering and modernization use cases such as technical migration, software

Eclipse Hara

Eclipse Hara™ provides a reference agent software implementation featuring the Eclipse hawkBit device API. Such reference implementations are initially driven by operating systems and application

Eclipse uProtocol

Eclipse uProtocol provides a transport agnostic, layered communication protocol that is deployment, OS, and device (vehicle, cloud, mobile phone, charging station, etc...) agnostic, leveraging well

Model-to-Model Transformation (MMT)

Model-to-Model Transformation is a key aspect of Model-Driven Development (MDD). The MMT project hosts Model-to-Model Transformation languages. Transformations are executed by transformation engines

Eclipse Signalling Engineering Toolbox

Eclipse Signalling Engineering Toolbox provides essential components of the tool chain to manage initialization, testing, validation and visualization of the PlanPro object model for railway

Eclipse TeXlipse™

The Eclipse TeXlipse™ project provides an Eclipse extension to support LaTeX projects, so that document preparation can be incorporated into the normal Eclipse development activities. LaTeX is a

Eclipse MDM|BL

The Eclipse MDM|BL comprises a bottom to top architecture view of three parts. The first one is a specific openMDM application model definition for the ASAM ODS data storage. The standardization

Eclipse StatET™: Tooling for the R language

Eclipse StatET™ is an Eclipse-based IDE for R. It offers a set of mature tools for R coding and package building. This includes a fully integrated R console R script editors an integrated R Graphics

Eclipse Xtext

Eclipse Xtext™ is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages. It covers all aspects of a complete language infrastructure, from parsers, over linker, compiler

Eclipse Safety Framework

As systems are becoming more complex, their safety assessment needs powerful tools. Most of the existing tools are poorly connected to the system design process and cannot be associated at early

Eclipse Common Security Infrastructure

The Eclipse CSI project combines technologies and practices for securing Eclipse Foundation Projects Software Supply Chain.

Eclipse SysON

The Eclipse SysON project provides an open-source web-based tooling to edit SysML v2 models. It includes a set of editors (graphical, textual, form-based, etc.) enabling users to build the various