List of Projects

Eclipse AspectJ™

Eclipse AspectJ™ is a seamless aspect-oriented extension to the Java™ programming language. It is Java platform compatible easy to learn and use.

Eclipse Theia

Eclipse Theia™ is an extensible platform to develop full-fledged, multi-language, cloud & desktop IDE-like products with state-of-the-art web technologies. It is implemented in TypeScript, CSS and

Eclipse SDV Blueprints

The Eclipse SDV Blueprints project hosts different blueprints of how to apply technologies developed in the scope of the projects of the Eclipse SDV working group ( This makes it

Eclipse GLSP

Eclipse GLSP™ provides extensible components to enable the development of diagram editors including edit functionality in (distributed) web-applications via a client-server protocol. By applying the

Eclipse Formal Modeling Project™

Background: The Eclipse Formal Modeling Project™ (E-FMP for short) is based on research work that has been started at the CEA LIST in the nineties. That research focused on methods and tools to

Webtools Releng

Release Engineering project for the Eclipse Web Tools Platform. The WTP build uses CBI on Eclipse Foundation infrastructure, which means it is based around Maven, Tycho, and operates in Jenkins.

Eclipse Sprotty

Eclipse Sprotty™ is a next-generation, open-source, web-based diagramming framework. Instead of using a cross-compiler or an existing framework, we decided to start from scratch with web technologies

Eclipse TEA™ (Tasking Engine Advanced)

Eclipse TEA™ is a tasking orchestration engine that can be run from within the Eclipse IDE or headlessly. It is immediately concerned with tasks related to building and managing plug-ins for the

Eclipse EclEmma

Eclipse EclEmma is a Java code coverage tool for the Eclipse IDE. It brings code coverage analysis directly into the Eclipse IDE workbench: Fast develop/test cycle: Launches from within the workbench

Eclipse CDO Model Repository

The Eclipse CDO™ (Connected Data Objects) Model Repository is a distributed shared model framework for EMF models and meta models. CDO is also a model runtime environment with a focus on orthogonal

Eclipse SimRel

The Eclipse Simultaneous Release process works as follows: The simrel.aggr model specifies precisely what is to be aggregated. The change-requests jobs validate each pull request to the

Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider

The Eclipse Subversive™ project is focused on development of an Eclipse Platform plug-in which provides SVN support. From the project organization point of view it is close to Eclipse CVS project and

Eclipse PDE

The Eclipse PDE™ (Plug-in Development Environment) provides tools to create, develop, test, debug, build and deploy Eclipse plug-ins, fragments, features, update sites and RCP products.

Eclipse Serializer

Eclipse Serializer is a serialization written from the ground up that works fundamentally differently from Java serialization and other encodings. Eclipse Serializer strictly separates data from code

Eclipse Store

Eclipse Store provides a Java micro persistence layer built for cloud-native microservices and serverless functions written in Java. Eclipse Store is based on the system prevalence architectural

Eclipse iceoryx

In domains like automotive, robotics or gaming, a huge amount of data must be transferred between different parts of the system. If these parts are actually different processes on a POSIX based

Eclipse Graphene

The goal of Eclipse Graphene™ is to make AI and machine learning accessible to a wide audience by creating an extensible marketplace of reusable solutions, sourced from a variety of AI toolkits and

Eclipse Oomph

The Eclipse Oomph™ project provides tools based on extensible frameworks, packaged as fine-grained features that allow consumers to pick and choose. The basic building blocks include the following: An

Eclipse Automated Driving Open Research (ADORe)

Eclipse ADORe provides a modular software library and toolkit for decision making, planning, control and simulation of automated vehicles. Eclipse ADORe core components are: libadore/env: Library for

Eclipse Service Lifecycle Management

Eclipse Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) provides a set of applications to manage the lifecycle of AI (artificial intelligence) services in production environments. The service lifecycle consists of