Eclipse Streamsheets™


The Eclipse Streamsheets™ project provides a platform for processing stream data using a spreadsheet-like interface and spreadsheet-like formulas. In order to achieve this it provides:

  • Web UI Service: A spreadsheet-like user interface for visually creating and managing Streamsheets.
  • Gateway Service: An API for managing Streamsheets.
  • Machine Service: A backend runtime for executing Streamsheets.
  • Streams Service: A pluggable system for adding connectors to other protocols, databases, etc.
  • Graph Service: A service for synchronizing Streamsheets interactions between different users.
  • A JavaScript/Node.js client for interacting with the Streamsheets API.


Name Date
2.3 2021-12-08
Name Date
Progress Review 1.0 2021-07-07
Creation Review 2020-02-26