Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure

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The Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) project maintains and develops software production technology common to multiple Eclipse projects.


  • Make it really easy to build Eclipse projects
  • Make it easy to automate build and testing tasks
  • Make it really easy to sign jar files and other artifacts
  • Make it easier for new projects to set up their build
  • Continually improve the quality of builds at Eclipse

It is important to differentiate between common and universal. CBI does not abstract all build systems or rarely needed features. If something is used by one and only one project, it is unlikley to be included as part of CBI.

Once multiple projects are using a given technology something, then it may become a candidate for inclusion into CBI if doing so brings benefit to CBI and projects using it.

The following components are examples of technology that is within the scope of CBI:

  • Jar signing service
  • Operating system signing service
  • Common Maven plugins used for Eclipse builds
  • Common Eclipse license files