Eclipse Keyple®


Eclipse Keyple® provides generic librairies for simplifying the development of contactless applications based on the Calypso standard, and for facilitating integration with the secure elements typically involved in a secure contactless solution. Those librairies will also be compliant with the other existing standards of the market.

The operating systems and cryptographic calculations processed in both portable objects and Secure Access Modules are out of scope of Keyple as the ticketing data model and fare calculations applications  that will use the functions of Keyple to access Calypso portable objects.

After Keyple 2.0, the complete list of component releases is published on this page

Name Date
2.0.0 (C++ 22/07 Keyple) 2022-09-07
2.0.0 (Java 21/10) 2021-10-06
0.9.0 (Cpp 21/01) 2021-01-26
1.0.0 (Java 20/12) 2020-12-16
0.9.0 (Java 20/09) 2020-09-11
0.8.1 (Cpp 20/05) 2020-05-25
0.8.1 (Java 20/05) 2020-05-15
0.8.0 (Java 20/01) 2020-01-28
0.7.0 (Java 19/07) 2019-09-18