Eclipse MicroProfile

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The goals of the Eclipse MicroProfile project can be summarized as follows:

  • Provide a portable Microservices architecture across multiple Enterprise Java runtimes.
  • Provide an interoperable Microservices architecture that allows communication among polyglot runtimes (not just Java).
  • Provide an "incubation" environment for innovative ideas in the area of microservices and Enterprise Java.
  • Once an idea has been iterated on and approved by the larger community we can then submit to the JCP for consideration in a future JSR, (or other appropriate standards body).
MicroProfile 2.12018-10-19
OpenTracing 1.22018-09-14
OpenTracing 1.0.12018-06-22
MicroProfile 2.02018-06-20
MicroProfile 1.42018-06-20
MP Config 1.32018-06-06
OpenTracing 1.12018-05-18
FT 1.1 2018-05-05
JWT Propagation 1.12018-05-04
MicroProfile 1.32018-01-03
Config 1.22017-12-15
Metrics 1.12017-12-15
Type Safe Rest Client 1.02017-12-15
OpenAPI 1.02017-12-14
OpenTracing 1.02017-12-05
MicroProfile 1.22017-09-30
Fault Tolerance 1.02017-09-08
JWT Propagation 1.02017-09-08
Health Metrics 1.02017-09-08
Config 1.12017-09-07
Health Check 1.02017-09-07
MicroProfile 1.12017-07-21
Config 1.02017-07-05