Eclipse IoT


The scope of Eclipse IoT is as follows:

  • Implementation of standards and protocols applicable to IoT communications due to their nature (bandwidth efficiency, security, ...) This will include investigation and research related to future IoT standards and protocols.
  • Implementation of low-level services (application management, device management, data management...) needed for enabling and simplifying the connection of systems with each other. It is expected these low-level services will enable cross-domain connectivity between different vertical/industry solutions. For example, the ability to connect vehicles on the road with homes, homes with energy services, energy services with wind mills, wind mills with weather forecast, etc.
  • Implementation of high-level services that enable vertical applications whose primary goal is to connect devices, sensors and actuators.
  • Tooling to enable the development and the operation of connected systems. Some of the tooling will be specific to the standards, protocols, frameworks and services but some tooling will also be specific to the requirements of embedded software development, ex (remote debug, deployment, test)
  • Provide default builds for popular open hardware platforms
  • Providing complete industry-oriented software solutions based on these building blocks

The projects under this top-level project will be implemented in a variety of programming languages. These projects will also target many different hardware and OS environments that are commonly used in different industries, such as embedded, SCADA, manufacturing, etc. However, all projects will be encourage to ensure their software is available for open hardware (ex. BeagleBone) and easily accessible hardware environments (ex. Raspberry Pi).

Name Date
Name Date
Top-level Project Creation Review 2014-08-13