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An essential goal of BaSyx 4.0 is the use of IT technology for production systems. It develops a middleware that integrates traditional production systems (e.g. PLC controllers), state-of-the art IT technology (BPMN engine, SOA) to enable next generation changeable production.



Why BaSyx?

Industrie 4.0 is networked production. It transforms traditional automation systems into a cyber-physical system to address challenges of production systems:

Lot-size 1

Existing production lines are most efficient for large lot sizes of identical products. The Industrie 4.0 paradigm of mass customization propagates individually customized products that are manufactured in small lot sizes down to lot-size 1 with the same efficiency as current mass production. Lot size 1 requires the ability to change production processes for each product. BaSyx supports efficient production with lot-size 1 by enabling multiple different products on the same production line.

Changeable production

Reconfiguration of a production system for the manufacturing of new products is time consuming. Manufacturing of a new product requires significant changes in PLC controllers that control manufacturing devices. Even though devices might be sufficiently flexible to manufacture other products, the necessary adaptation of PLC software often limits the ability to change production. BaSyx support changeable production with a BPMN based production control engine.

Changeable production lines

The integration of new devices is another significant challenge for plant operators. Product line changes become necessary because of the replacement of old devices, or of the extension of production lines. The BaSyx middleware enables the integration of different devices, and the development of Asset Administration Shells that provide unified interfaces to all production entities.

Adaptive manufacturing

The ability to react to unforeseen events is important; nevertheless, it is more important to predict events to react even better to them. With BaSyx, developers and automation engineers may create a middleware that connects and integrates all production entities and enables data aggregation and consolidation, which is an important prerequisite for predictive maintenance.



What is BaSyx?

Industrie 4.0 SDK

The BaSyx Industrie 4.0 SDK encapsulates the BaSyx interface and communication with end-user friendly APIs. It enables the development, management, and use of core Industrie 4.0 assets like Asset Administration Shells, Directories, and Sub Models. The BaSyx SDK will be available for Java, C#, C++.

Communication middleware

The BaSyx communication middleware provides virtual End-to-End communication between any pair of connected devices. End-to-End communication is provided across networks, protocols, and vendors.


The BaSyx SDK will support major Industrie 4.0 protocols: OPC-UA, OneM2M, as well as IT standards, e.g. HTTP/REST and TCP/UDP communication with JSON serialized objects.

Directory and Discovery service

Industrie 4.0 settings require the ability to discover available devices and their services. The directory and discovery service enables a discovery of devices using a unified protocol. The directory service provides a mapping of logical device IDs to network addresses.

Asset administration shells

Asset administration shells provide a unified and self-describing model for all Industrie 4.0 entities, e.g. production devices. Asset administration shells consist of sub-models that present different aspects of an entity with a defined structure that conforms to a meta model.

Model provider

Smart production requires access to numerous sources of information. Model providers implement a common API for the integration of data sources into the Industrie 4.0 production system as Sub-Models of asset administration shells. Supported model providers include SQL, Excel, csv, and EMF.

Production control

BaSyx propagates a service-based production in contrast to existing cyclic production. BPMN engines, e.g. Activiti support the service based production paradigm and enable individual recipes for each product.


Gateways bridge different networks and protocols and enable an end-to-end communication in plants and production lines with heterogeneous network topologies. Gateways furthermore enable the translation of BaSyx commands to native protocols, e.g. Modbus/TCP and therefore support the integration of legacy devices.


Part of BaSyx will be ready-to-use demonstrator scenarios that demonstrate the application of BaSyx to common problems. Demonstrators will illustrates focus on specific and easy-to-understand problems and concrete solutions with the BaSyx SDK. Furthermore, BaSyx will also provide simulated production environments of larger size that illustrate the application of BaSyx in more complex application contexts and that provide guidelines for the BaSyx application in real production environments.



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