Internet of Things

Technology that supports wired or wireless communication between machines.

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Eclipse Whiskers

Whiskers is an OGC SensorThings API framework consisting of a JavaScript client and a light-weight server for IoT gateways (e.g., Raspbe


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Eclipse Edje

The edge devices connected to the Cloud that constitute the Internet of Things (IoT) require support for building blocks, standards and frameworks like those provided by the Eclipse Foundation projects: Californium, Paho, Leshan, Kura, Mihini, etc.
Because of the large deployment of Java technology in the Cloud, on the PC, mobile and server sides, most projects above are implemented in Java technology.


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Eclipse hawkBit

Project hawkBit aims to create a domain independent b


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Eclipse Tiaki

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The Tiaki library provides Secure Service Discovery features in a command-line interface and SDK for Java (C coming soon - stay tuned!).


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Eclipse tinydtls

tinydtls is a library for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) covering both the client and the server state machine.


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Eclipse RISE V2G

About RISE V2G

Eclipse RISE V2G is a Reference Implementation Supporting the Evolution of the Vehicle-2-Grid communication interface ISO/IEC 15118.
The international standard ISO/IEC 15118, entitled "Road vehicles - Vehicle to grid communication interface", defines a digital IP-based communication interface between an electric vehicle (EV) and a charging station (named Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment - EVSE). It allows for a user-friendly "plug-and-charge" mechanism for authentication, authorisation, billing, and flexible load control based on a wide set of information exchanged between the EV and EVSE.
A rise in the wide application of this standard is essential for reaching the goal of integrating EVs as flexible energy storage devices into a smart grid.

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Eclipse 4diac

Eclipse 4diacâ„¢ in its current form has been started 2007 as open source project fostering the further development of IEC 61499 for its use in distributed Industrial Process Measurement and Co


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Eclipse Leshan

Eclipse Leshan is an OMA Lightweight M2M (LWM2M) implementation in Java.


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Eclipse Vorto

The Eclipse Vorto project comprises of the meta information model, the tool set to create information models, the code generators and the repository to manage existing information models.