List of Projects

Eclipse Diafanis

Eclipse Diafanis - the Mathematical Engine as a Service (e.g. for multi-party computations), 4.25 OAS3 SwaggerHub - WHY DO I NEED A

Eclipse Photran Fortran Development Tools

The aim of the Parallel Tools Platform project is to produce an open-source industry-strength platform that provides a highly integrated environment specifically designed for parallel application

Eclipse Tractus-X

The Eclipse Tractus-X™ project is the official open-source project in the Catena-X ecosystem under the umbrella of the Eclipse Foundation. The Catena-X Automotive Network e.V. promotes, sponsors, and

Eclipse SCAVA

Software engineers spend most of their time learning to understand the software they maintain or depend on (or will depend on). The goal of this learning process is to support decision-making. In this

Eclipse Agail

The Eclipse Agail is a language-agnostic, modular software and hardware gateway framework for the Internet of Things with support for protocol interoperability, device and data management, IoT

Eclipse fog05

Early IoT applications, especially those addressing the consumer market, have been embracing cloud-centric architectures in which data is pushed up to the cloud. It is within the cloud the everything

Eclipse EMF Parsley

Eclipse EMF Parsley is an Eclipse project that provides a set of reusable UI components based on EMF (e.g., trees, tables, forms, views and editors), hiding most of the complexity of internal details, that can be used in your EMF-based plugin out-of-the-box. These parts are highly customizable via a DSL that let change a lot of details even easier and in a very compact form. The DSL is implemented in Xtext, thus, it comes with rich and powerful IDE tooling.

Eclipse ioFog™

Eclipse ioFog™ is a complete edge computing platform that provides all of the pieces needed to build and run applications at the edge at enterprise scale. The diversity and complexity of edge hardware

Eclipse SysON

The Eclipse SysON project provides an open-source web-based tooling to edit SysML v2 models. It includes a set of editors (graphical, textual, form-based, etc.) enabling users to build the various

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure

The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is an initiative combining infrastructure, services, technologies and best practices for building, testing and delivering software at the Eclipse

Eclipse APP4MC

Application Platform Project for Multi Core Eclipse APP4MC™ is a platform for engineering embedded multi- and many-core software systems. The platform enables the creation and management of complex

Eclipse Semantic Modeling Framework (ESMF)

Model aspects of digital twins to create APIs & UIs based on semantic information. ESMF Project Documentation: (github org: eclipse-esmf). What the ESMF is about: A

Eclipse Aidge

The Eclipse Aidge platform is a comprehensive solution for fast and accurate Deep Neural Network (DNN) simulation and full and automated DNN-based applications building. The platform integrates

Eclipse Dash

Eclipse Dash is a place where the community itself collaborates on tools for community awareness and collaboration in support of our ultimate objective of committer quality and cooperation.

Eclipse Autowrx

Eclipse Autowrx is the open source implementation of (, an industry-wide initiative enabling the automotive industry to establish a new, digital-first approach for the

Eclipse Common Security Infrastructure

The Eclipse CSI project combines technologies and practices for securing Eclipse Foundation Projects Software Supply Chain.

Eclipse Ankaios

Eclipse Ankaios manages multiple nodes and virtual machines with a single unique API in order to start, stop, configure, and update containers and workloads. It provides a central place to manage

Eclipse Titan™

Eclipse Titan™ is a TTCN-3 compilation and execution environment with an Eclipse-based IDE. The user of the tool can develop test cases, test execution logic and build the executable test suite for several platforms.

Eclipse Capella

Eclipse Capella® is a comprehensive, extensible and field-proven MBSE tool to successfully design system, software, and hardware architecture. Relying on Arcadia, a model-based methodology that covers

Eclipse Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN2)

Eclipse BPMN2 is an open source component of the Model Development Tools (MDT) subproject to provide a metamodel implementation based on the forthcoming Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0