List of Projects

Eclipse Che4z

Eclipse Che is an open-source, next-generation development platform, leveraging container technology which offers a more streamlined on-boarding process for new developers to ensure they have the

Eclipse OpenJ9

Eclipse OpenJ9™ is a high performance, enterprise calibre, flexibly licensed, openly governed cross platform Java Virtual Machine (JVM) extending and augmenting the runtime technology components from

Eclipse Adoptium®

The mission of the Eclipse Adoptium Top-Level Project is to produce high-quality runtimes and associated technology for use within the Java ecosystem. We achieve this through a set of Projects under

OpenHW Group CORE-V Cores

The tangible products produced by OpenHW Group CORE-V Cores includes: Complete documentation: micro-architecture and a user manual. Implementation: RTL model and synthesis scripts for both ASIC and

Eclipse Nebula NatTable

Eclipse NatTable™ is a powerful and flexible SWT table/grid widget that is built to handle very large data sets, real-time updates, dynamic styling, and more. NatTable is a subproject of the Eclipse

Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE

The Eclipse OpenSmartCLIDE is based on Eclipse Theia, which provides all of the tools necessary for development. Theia consists of a rich interface with a vast range of features that accelerate

Eclipse Passage

Eclipse Passage 2.10.1 is available! The Eclipse Passage™ project aims to provide rich and easily adaptable capabilities to declare and control licensing constraints. The usage story starts in

Eclipse Public Access Submission System (PASS)

The Public Access Submission System (PASS) is an open source platform designed to assist researchers in complying with the access guidelines, policies, and requirements of funders and academic

Eclipse Sirius

Eclipse Sirius enables the specification of a modeling workbench in terms of graphical, table or tree editors with validation rules and actions using declarative descriptions.

Eclipse Sphinx

Eclipse Sphinx™ provides a modeling tool platform for Eclipse that eases the development of IDE-like tool support for modeling languages used in software and systems development.

Eclipse SWTBot

Eclipse SWTBot™ is a Java based UI/functional testing tool for testing SWT and Eclipse based applications.

Eclipse Temurin®

The Eclipse Temurin® project provides code and processes that support the building of runtime binaries and associated technologies that are high performance, enterprise-caliber, cross-platform, open

Eclipse UOMo

Eclipse UOMo adds Units of Measurement support for IT Systems and Services both to common programming languages like Java and Data Exchange standards like UCUM and formats including UnitsML, SensorML

Eclipse UPM

IoT is a multi-faceted topic, seen by many as a much-needed redefinition of embedded computing. The efficiency and performance of current CPUs, along with a decreasing footprint, enable broader

Eclipse Wild Web Developer

Eclipse Wild Web Developer™ integrates existing artifacts like TextMate grammars and Language Servers to provide a rich development experience to Web developers using typical programming languages for


The intent of the Sparkplug® specification is to define and document a Topic Namespace that is well thought out and optimized for the SCADA/IIoT solution sector.

Eclipse Mission Control

Eclipse Mission Control™ enables you to monitor and manage Java applications without introducing the performance overhead normally associated with these types of tools. It uses data collected for

Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools

The Eclipse JavaScript Development Tools provide Eclipse Platform plug-ins that implement an IDE supporting the development of JavaScript applications and JavaScript within web applications. It adds a