List of Projects

Eclipse XACC

Hybrid classical-quantum computing paradigms are posed to benefit the scientific applications that are ubiquitous within the scientific computing research community, including modeling and simulation

Eclipse Xpect™

Eclipse Xpect™ is a unit- and integration-testing framework to be used for Xtext-based languages. Test data (e.g. expectations) are embedded into programs written in the DSL under tests. Xpect itself

Eclipse Xsemantics™

Eclipse Xsemantics™ is a DSL (implemented in Xtext itself) for writing type systems, reduction rules, interpreters and general relation rules for languages implemented in Xtext. A system definition in

EMF Teneo Model - Relational Database Integration

Teneo is a database persistency solution for EMF using Hibernate or EclipseLink. It supports automatic creation of EMF to Relational Mappings. EMF Objects can be stored and retrieved using advanced

Eclipse January

Eclipse January is a set of libraries for handling numerical data in Java. It is inspired in part by NumPy and aims to provide similar functionality. Why use it? Familiar. Provide familiar

Eclipse Keti

Keti is a service that was designed to protect RESTfuls API using Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC). The solution itself is implemented as a cloud-native RESTful API that adheres to the guiding

Eclipse Layout Kernel

Visual languages are popular for visualizing concepts and systems. However, just being graphical in nature does not automatically make a diagram easy to understand. Its usefulness much rather depends

Eclipse LemMinX

LemMinX provides an implementation of the LSP for XML, written in Java, and based on the Eclipse LSP4J framework. It implements most of the language server protocol features to provide XML editing

Eclipse LibIMS

The library provides an example implementation of the Eurocae ED-247 specification (nick name Vistas). It is written in C/C++ in order to facilitate the understanding of the transport layer code

Eclipse LSP4MP - Language Server for MicroProfile

A language server implementation based on the Language Server Protocol for MicroProfile programming model. This Language Server for MicroProfile (LSP4MP) will provide core language support

Eclipse Dartboard

Dart is a recent programming language. Originally proposed by a team at Google in 2010, its main purposes were to be a flexible, but structured language for the web. Its syntax was (and still is) very

Eclipse B612

Eclipse B612 provides a fully open-sourced font and its variants plus a leaflet. The characteristics of the font are: Maximize the distance between the forms of the characters Respect the primitives

Eclipse Kitalpha

To build MBE workbenches, designers must be autonomous in creating and maintaining their own viewpoints, without coding. Developers can enrich them afterward, for instance for algorithm implementation. To meet this requirement, Eclipse Kitalpha™ offers a development environment made of DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages) to assist designers and developers in their architecture frameworks and viewpoints development activity activities. For instance, textual editors make it possible to declare viewpoint metamodels, user interfaces, diagrams, or services. From those DSLs, generators build all the architecture framework and viewpoint artifacts. For example, the declaration of diagrams using DSLs becomes the technical description of Sirius diagrams. During the stages of edition with DSLs and generation, the notion of target application is introduced to manage the variability of environments in which the artifacts are to be deployed and executed (e.g., DSL vs. UML, CDO vs. XMI environments).

Eclipse Papyrus

Eclipse Papyrus® provides an integrated, user-consumable environment for editing any kind of EMF model and particularly supporting UML and related modeling languages such as SysML and MARTE. Papyrus


The AsciiDoc® Top Level Project is a collaborative, open source initiative at the Eclipse Foundation to develop projects and pursue ideas that advance the AsciiDoc language and its ecosystem of

Eclipse ioFog™

Eclipse ioFog™ is a complete edge computing platform that provides all of the pieces needed to build and run applications at the edge at enterprise scale. The diversity and complexity of edge hardware

Eclipse Gendoc

Eclipse Gendoc extracts data from Eclipse EMF models and generates documents that fully respect the appearance of your document template.

Eclipse EdiTDor

The tool will be developed using web technologies in a way that allows to easily integrate and embed it into other web applications. The tool will cover the following features: Creating a new Thing

Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure

The Eclipse Common Build Infrastructure (CBI) is an initiative combining infrastructure, services, technologies and best practices for building, testing and delivering software at the Eclipse

Eclipse CommaSuite

The domain-specific language of Eclipse CommaSuite allows the specification of the provided and required interfaces of a software component. Each interface is described by means of (1) a signature, i