List of Projects

Eclipse JKube™

Cloud-Native Java Applications without a hassle Eclipse JKube™ is a collection of plugins and libraries that are used for building container images using Docker, JIB or S2I build strategies. Eclipse

Eclipse Keyple®

Eclipse Keyple® is an open source middleware to facilitate the implementation of terminal processing operating smart card readers, and to defined advanced secure ticketing transaction. Keyple

Eclipse DAWNSci

This project provides features to allow scientific software to be inter-operable. Algorithms exist today which could be shared between existing Eclipse-based applications however in practice they

Eclipse Dirigible™

Eclipse Dirigible™ is a High-Productivity Application Platform that provides development tools and a runtime environment. It supports the full development lifecycle of applications by leveraging an in-system programming model and rapid application development techniques.

Eclipse eCAL (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer)

Eclipse eCAL™ (enhanced Communication Abstraction Layer) provides a middleware that enables scalable, high performance interprocess communication on a single computer node or between different nodes

Eclipse EGerrit

The purpose of this project is to provide a set of Eclipse plug-ins that provide code review capabilities in the Eclipse IDE. Feature parity with the Gerrit 2.9 web front-end Future proof integration

Eclipse EMF Client Platform

The Eclipse EMF Client Platform is a framework for building EMF-based client applications. The goal is to provide reusable, adaptable and extensible UI components to develop applications based on a

Eclipse emfatic

A textual syntax for EMF Ecore (meta-)models.

Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)

Eclipse BIRT™ is an open source Eclipse Platform-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/Java EE application to produce compelling reports. Thanks to YourKit is kindly supporting open

Eclipse BaSyx

Eclipse BaSyx™ implements an open-source Industry 4.0 middleware based on the Asset Administration Shell that enables the shopfloor digitization. We provide mandatory Industry 4.0 software components

Eclipse Capella

Eclipse Capella® is a comprehensive, extensible and field-proven MBSE tool to successfully design system, software, and hardware architecture. Relying on Arcadia, a model-based methodology that covers

Eclipse CDT Cloud

Eclipse CDT Cloud hosts components and best practices for building customizable web-based C/C++ tools. As a demonstration of how these components can be integrated with each other, CDT Cloud provides


The Henshin project provides a state of the art model transformation language for the Eclipse Modeling Framework. Henshin supports both direct transformations of EMF single model instances (endogenous

Eclipse WTP Source Editing

The Eclipse Source Editing project provides source editing support for typical "web" languages and the mixing of them, with a focus on making the editors extensible and easily reusable. Here you will

Eclipse Tocandira

Eclipse Tocandira is a collection of tools aiming to help industries to remove their barriers on observability. To achieve this goal it uses the cutting edge technologies in the field. You will find

Eclipse Heimlig

Eclipse Heimlig is a Hardware Security Module (HSM) firmware for embedded platforms written in Rust. As an HSM, Eclipse Heimlig typically runs on dedicated hardware and provides cryptographic services

Eclipse Capra

Eclipse Capra is a traceability management tool. It allows the creation of trace links between arbitrary artefacts, provides features to edit them and keep them consistent, and visualise the relationships between them.

Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit

The Eclipse Dynamic Languages Toolkit (DLTK) is a tool for vendors, researchers, and end-users who rely on dynamic languages. DLTK is comprised of a set of extensible frameworks designed to reduce the

Eclipse Xpand

Eclipse Xpand is language specialized on code generation based on Eclipse EMF models.

Eclipse Extended Editing Framework (EEF)

The Eclipse Extended Editing Framework is a presentation framework for the Eclipse Modeling Framework. It allows user to create rich user interfaces to edit EMF models.