List of Projects

Eclipse BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools)

Eclipse BIRT™ is an open source Eclipse Platform-based reporting system that integrates with your Java/Java EE application to produce compelling reports. Thanks to YourKit is kindly supporting open

Eclipse 4diac™

Eclipse 4diac™ in its current form has been started 2007 as an open source project fostering the further development of IEC 61499 for its use in distributed Industrial Process Measurement and Control

Eclipse sensiNact

The Eclipse sensiNact project consists of a software platform enabling the collection, processing and redistribution of any data relevant to improving the quality of life of urban citizens

Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge

Eclipse EMF Diff/Merge™ is a diff/merge tool for models. Its main purpose is to help build higher-level tools that need to merge models based on consistency rules. GUI components are also provided

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform™ is an open-source project aimed at reducing fragmentation in the consumer and IoT device industry which is interoperable with OpenAtom Foundation's OpenHarmony project

Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony

Eclipse Oniro for OpenHarmony is built upon the foundational layers of OpenHarmony, an open-source project incubated and operated by the OpenAtom Foundation. OpenHarmony is known for its distributed

Eclipse Amalgam

The intention of the Modeling Amalgam™ project proposal is to augment the current Modeling project with one focused solely on refining the "user experience" when using Modeling project technologies.

Eclipse Corinthian

The Eclipse Corinthian Project has identified areas where template and process documents would add value to legal processes involved in technology, specifically in the areas of procurement and M&A

LocationTech GeoMesa

LocationTech GeoMesa™ is an Apache licensed open source suite of tools that enables large-scale geospatial analytics on cloud and distributed computing systems, letting you manage and analyze the huge spatio-temporal datasets that IoT, social media, tracking, and mobile phone applications seek to take advantage of today.

Eclipse Kitalpha

To build MBE workbenches, designers must be autonomous in creating and maintaining their own viewpoints, without coding. Developers can enrich them afterward, for instance for algorithm implementation. To meet this requirement, Eclipse Kitalpha™ offers a development environment made of DSLs (Domain-Specific Languages) to assist designers and developers in their architecture frameworks and viewpoints development activity activities. For instance, textual editors make it possible to declare viewpoint metamodels, user interfaces, diagrams, or services. From those DSLs, generators build all the architecture framework and viewpoint artifacts. For example, the declaration of diagrams using DSLs becomes the technical description of Sirius diagrams. During the stages of edition with DSLs and generation, the notion of target application is introduced to manage the variability of environments in which the artifacts are to be deployed and executed (e.g., DSL vs. UML, CDO vs. XMI environments).

Eclipse Che

Eclipse Che™ is an open-source system to provision containerized development environments, IDEs included, in Kubernetes clusters.

Eclipse Open VSX

Eclipse Open VSX is a vendor-neutral open-source alternative to the Visual Studio Marketplace. It provides a server application that manages VS Code extensions in a database, a web application similar

Eclipse EMF Services

EMF Services provides libraries that extend the core EMF framework with additional services or more powerful versions of services provided by EMF itself. The project currently provides three

Eclipse ThreadX

Eclipse ThreadX® provides a vendor-neutral, open source, safety certified OS for real-time applications.

Eclipse openDuT

Eclipse openDuT automates the testing and validation process for automotive software and applications. This includes offering a framework for the testing and validation process but also includes

Eclipse Zenoh-Flow

Eclipse Zenoh-Flow aims at simplifying and structuring (i) the declaration, (ii) the deployment and (iii) the writing of complex and, potentially, safety-critical applications that can span from the

Eclipse Paho Incubator

A permanent incubator for Paho. A permanent incubator is a project that is intended to perpetually remain in the incubation phase. Permanent incubators are an excellent place to innovate, test new

Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components)

Eclipse XFSC (Cross Federation Services Components) develops the software components necessary to set up a federated system that interconnects several participants in a data and service infrastructure

Eclipse Duttile

Eclipse Duttile embrace the AgileConstellation mindset, which have the aim to extend the agile philosophy beyond the software/digital world. An IoT solution belongs to different technological domains

Eclipse fog05

Early IoT applications, especially those addressing the consumer market, have been embracing cloud-centric architectures in which data is pushed up to the cloud. It is within the cloud the everything