List of Projects

Eclipse Sisu

Eclipse Sisu is a modular JSR330-based container that supports classpath scanning, auto-binding, and dynamic auto-wiring. Sisu uses Google-Guice to perform dependency injection and provide the core

Eclipse Dataspace Decentralized Claims Protocol

Technical DetailsDCP defines the following protocol flows.1. Base Identity Protocol (BIP)The *Base Identity Protocol* defines how to obtain and communicate participant identities and claims using self

Eclipse Tools for Faces

The JSF Tools Project adds comprehensive support to the Eclipse Web Tools Platform Project to simplify development and deployment of JavaServer Faces (JSF) applications. The project provides an

Eclipse Modeling Framework - Container Project

This is just an umbrella project. Please use the "Related Projects" navigation to the bottom right for details about the subprojects.

Eclipse Free BIRD Tools

By providing open-source tools for the BIRD project , the Eclipse Free BIRD Tools™ project hopes to remove barriers to understanding, contribution, trial, and adoption of the BIRD. The artefacts

Eclipse Aidge

The Eclipse Aidge platform is a comprehensive solution for fast and accurate Deep Neural Network (DNN) simulation and full and automated DNN-based applications building. The platform integrates

Eclipse Dataspace Components

Eclipse Dataspace Components (EDC) A dataspace is both a multi-organizational agreement and a supporting technical infrastructure that enables data sharing between two or more participants

AsciiDoc Language

AsciiDoc is a comprehensive, semantic markup language for producing a variety of presentation-rich output formats from content encoded in a concise, human-readable, plain text format. It also includes

Eclipse Jifa

Jifa stands for "Java Issues Finding Assistant". This project originated from an internal system that was designed to improve the efficiency of diagnosing Java heap related issues that occurred in the

Eclipse IoT-Testware

It is the aim of the project to supply a rich set of TTCN-3 test suites and test cases for IoT technologies to enable developers in setting up a comprehensive test environment of their own, if needed

Eclipse Advanced Visualization Project

Visualization is a critical part of science and engineering projects and has roles in both setting up problems and post-processing results. The input or "construction" side can include things like

Eclipse aCute - C# and .NET Core development tools in Eclipse IDE

Eclipse aCute provides development tools for C# and .NET Core inside the Eclipse IDE.

Eclipse AAS Web Client

Eclipse AAS Web Client is a viewer and client for interaction with Asset Administration Shell information models. The data corresponding to the Asset Administration Shell models are exchanged via a

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform

Eclipse Oniro Core Platform™ is an open-source project aimed at reducing fragmentation in the consumer and IoT device industry which is interoperable with OpenAtom Foundation's OpenHarmony project

Eclipse Milo

OPC Unified Architecture is an interoperability standard that enables the secure and reliable exchange of industrial automation data while remaining cross-platform and vendor neutral. The

Eclipse Modeling Workflow Engine

The Modeling Workflow Engine™ (MWE) supports orchestration of different Eclipse modeling components to be executed within Eclipse as well as standalone. Based on a dependency injection framework, one

Eclipse MRAA

Conceived in 2014, the Eclipse MRAA project aims to deliver a high-level, easy-to-use set of APIs for I/O access on Linux* boards and systems, similar to Arduino* offerings for MCU boards. Initially

Eclipse N4JS

N4JS adds a static type system similar to that of Java to ECMAScript 2015. This type system supports nominal and structural typing, in both cases supporting generics similar to that of Java 8. In

Eclipse NG661 Designer

ARINC661 part 2 project defines a language that can be used by any airframe manufacturer to formally specify modern graphical user interface (tactile support, animation, ...). The Eclipse NG661

Eclipse OM2M

The Eclipse OM2M project is an open source implementation of the oneM2M standard. It provides a framework for developing services independently of the underlying network and aims to facilitate deployment of vertical applications and heterogeneous devices.